Resista Carpet

Shake Your Tail Feathers for Resista® SoftStyle Carpet

With Resista SoftStyle, everyday spills are nothing to worry about! The perfect choice for today's most active families, Resista repels liquids like water off a duck's back. Liquid spills simply bead up and blot away for easy cleaning. In fact, only Resista carpets feature a 10-Year No Exclusion Stain Warranty Against All Food and Beverages†.

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The Resista SoftStyle Difference

  • Excellent Stain and Fade Resistance. Enhanced fibers repel liquids so they can be easily blotted away.

  • Rich Color Clarity. Enhanced color clarity creates brighter, richer colors in hundreds of options.

  • Enhanced Performance. Resista carpets are specially engineered and tested for outstanding performance and durability.

  • Supreme Softness. Specially manufactured soft-pile fibers provide ultimate, touchable softness underfoot.


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†See actual warranties in your local store for details.



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